You can now ask Google Home to read G Suite calendar events

Photograph of Google Home Hub, Home Mini, and Home side by side For the longest time, Google Home devices couldn’t read calendar events from your G Suite account. This was a weird omission that looks to have been fixed today, according to a tip sent to Android Police. The tipster claimed that his Google Home read events from his work calendar when he said “good morning.” Android Police tested it out on their Google Home Mini and achieved the same result. They also asked to read events for tomorrow and a separate work calendar with success. Editor's Pick10 best Google Home apps Google Home is one of a few smart platforms out there. It's also one of the better ones. There are three Google Home devices to choose from with the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and … This is particularly good news for those with multiple calendars. Keep in mind that there was a time when Google Home could only read events from one calendar associated with your Google account. Even with the support for multiple calendars, there are still some limitations. You can’t ask Google Home to read birthday or holiday calendars. That said, you can now ask it to read events from imported calendars and multiple calendars. If you have a work calendar shared from a G Suite account, let us know if the new feature works with your Google Home device. From the looks of it, the feature isn’t available for everyone just yet.

date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 22:10:44 +0000