Give your device a fresh look with the new Action Launcher 38 (Update: Out of beta)

Update, December 25: Three weeks after Action Launcher v.38 was released in beta, users of the stable version can now enjoy the same features. Get it on the action at the button below. Download Action Launcher Original post, December 4: The end of November also means the end of (most of) this year’s major phone releases. But what’s left for those of us who can’t upgrade to the latest offerings from Google, Samsung, LG, and the like? Are we to merely wait another year with the same outdated hardware and stale old software? Thanks to a new beta from Action Launcher, that doesn’t have to be so. In the spirit of Android, your device can feel new again with more settings and better theme customization options, all wrapped in sweet Android 9.0 Pie style. Action Launcher’s last major update was midyear, adding desktop shortcuts that make use of the long-press UI. With the latest beta version of Action Launcher, the settings app has been redesigned with a focus on usability. Options are now grouped “logically” and include display previews and tips to help you out. Editor's PickAndroid Launchers comparison: What is the best option for you?One of Android's best features is its endless customization options. It can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like. Android Launchers are a great way to completely change what you see on your screen. Every … There’s also a search box within the settings so you don’t have to dig as long to find what you’re looking for. The launcher has always excelled thanks to its theme system, known as Quicktheme, which matches the home screen with your wallpaper. Now it’s even better with new granular settings such as the ability to change the background color of folders and Shutters. Version 38 of Action Launcher is a visual revamp above all else, but there are a few new functional parts, such as infinite scrolling for the dock and home screens. There’s also an option to disable the dock and of course the quintessential bug fixes and improvements as detailed in the changelog. Here at Android Authority, we’ve routinely ranked Action Launcher as one of our favorites, profiling it in October as one of the 15 best Android launcher apps. While version 38 is still in beta and all associated risks apply, you can opt in to try it out via Google Play. Action Launcher (beta)

date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018 10:55:38 +0000