YouTube adds 99 movies for you to watch for free

There are a lot of reasons to love YouTube. It’s the best place on the web to find user-generated content and music videos, but Google is slowly transforming YouTube into a place for you to find and consume mainstream content. While YouTube has been offering movie rentals for several years now, the company has just added a collection of 99 movies which can be watched for free. Of course, like all things “free” from Google, you’ll be subjected to unskippable commercial interruptions from time to time while you enjoy these flicks. If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy the free movies without any ad interruptions. The list of movies ranges from the original Rocky movies, The Terminator, Hackers, The Man in the Iron Mask to B-list flicks like The Woods, Monsters Beware and A Guy Thing. Scanning through the list, there are at least 20 titles that I’d be interested in watching. It’s not clear if YouTube will be adding additional titles to its free movie collection of it this is simply an experiment to see if they can generate more revenue with ads than they could by renting the movies for $2-3 each. If the list of free movies does grow over time, it definitely adds a lot more value to the YouTube Premium subscriptions. You can take a look at the full free movie collection here. If you’re not a YouTube Premium subscriber already, would you consider joining if YouTube adds new free movies each month? Source: YouTube

date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 17:40:33 +0000