Tech leaker threatens to go silent, requests donations to ‘keep going’

Bad news Friends. Self-renowned leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks) today announced that unless his following gave him donations via PayPal he’d have to stop offering leaks. Citing “critical personal reasons,” he insisted that he couldn’t go into any more detail other than the initial plea for donations. He has begun blocking those who question his motives. Stop begging — Jayce (@Jayce_Xel) November 4, 2018 Minutes after Steve breaking the news to his following, I passed along the above message with the reply from Jayce and was met with a swift “You are blocked from following @OnLeaks and viewing @OnLeaks‘s Tweets.” No surprise, I guess, when you call someone out on what appears to be an obvious shaking of the money bank. Ain't worth any money. The products get released anyway — Jayce (@Jayce_Xel) November 4, 2018 While I hope that his critical personal situation really is nothing serious, I can’t help but raise a small smile at the idea of losing another “leaker” from the industry. While leaks are a great source of news for sites like Phandroid and are why many of you follow tech news in the first place, in my view, leaks have become something to hate over the last few years, revealing every last detail of a device before it’s unveiled, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. What do you think? Should we breathe a sigh of relief that there may be one less leaker between us and the surprise that we used to have on the day of important tech announcements? I don’t think I’ll be losing any sleep over it. p.s. I’m critically hungry… Technology leaker @OnLeaks says "No more leaks, unless you give me donations" citing "critical" "personal reasons" I have critical personal stuff i need to do also, so. No more bad jokes and instagrams unless you buy me pizza — Darren Millar (@darrenmillar) November 4, 2018

date: Sun, 04 Nov 2018 15:56:46 +0000