Samsung’s foldable smartphone expected in March, missing one key feature

Samsung gave us a first look at its long-awaited foldable smartphone last week, sadly we don’t have any new images of the device outside of that dummy case, but industry sources have revealed that the foldable smartphone is due out in March of 2019. The full unveiling of the phone is reportedly happening in February (around or at MWC 2019) and according to the same sources, it will not support 5G. That will be the trick that the Galaxy S10 has up its sleeve to avoid being completely overshadowed by its pricey folding sibling, we’re expecting the Galaxy S10 around the same time. The lack of 5G will likely be a disappointment to some, particularly given the anticipated price tag on this device, but with so few locations supporting it this seems like a non-issue for most and clearly, the selling point here is the unusual and potentially groundbreaking form factor. There’s no question this device is going to grab attention and headlines when it launches, but there is a lot up in the air about it and more so than any smartphone in recent memory this is one that is going to require some hands-on time to figure out whether the dream of a big screen in a small package can actually deliver on the promise of that concept. What do you think? Stacked up against the 5G sporting Galaxy S10, do you think this folding smartphone could get you to spend the $1,700 or more that early estimates are suggesting? Source:  Yonhap News Agency

date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 20:26:45 +0000