Rumor: Infinity-O display could be Samsung exclusive, but something’s fishy

Samsung Developer Conference Notch Displays Noted leaker Ice Universe tweeted out some information about the upcoming Infinity-O display from Samsung. According to the tweet, the Infinity-O display will be exclusive to Samsung phones, at least at first. This suggests the Samsung Galaxy S10 could have the Infinity-O design, but what about the photo Ice tweeted? Popular smartphone leaker Ice Universe sent out a tweet today pertaining to one of Samsung’s new display designs. At the Samsung Developers Conference earlier this month, Samsung showed off four new display designs, as captured in the image at the top of this article. The Infinity-O design (second from the right) is the one that started the most conversation, as it’s a pretty unique look. In the tweet, Ice Universe says this hole-punched Infinity-O display will be a Samsung exclusive, at least at first. Check out the tweet below: The Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O screen laser hole punching technology is called “HIAA” (Hall In Active Area) by Samsung. This is Samsung’s exclusive OLED screen technology. Samsung has exclusive technology for a certain period of time. — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) November 21, 2018 If this tweet is true and Samsung will be reserving the Infinity-O display for its own devices at the beginning, that suggests the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 could feature an Infinity-O display. This wouldn’t be too surprising, as Samsung is reportedly working hard to make sure the Galaxy S10 looks remarkably different from the competition in order to right the ship. Editor's PickSamsung is making notched displays, but hopefully not for its phones The focal point for Samsung's developer conference earlier today was the unveiling a foldable smartphone. But leading up to the announcement, Hassan Anjum, a director of product marketing at Samsung, took the stage to briefly show … However, Ice Universe has been wrong before. Not only that, but there are two major problems with this tweet which lead us to believe the whole thing is suspect. The first problem is the typo — it’s not “Hall In Active Area” but rather “Hole In Active Area.” This is forgivable but still leads us to believe this tweet wasn’t exactly fact-checked before sending. However, the biggest problem with the tweet is the photo attached to it, which is so hilariously fake that it makes us wonder why he even attached it in the first place. Here’s the pic he tweeted: And here’s the original pic this poorly-photoshopped image came from: The Verge If what Ice Universe is saying here is true, why not proofread the tweet and why include this totally fake image? It just goes to show you: don’t believe everything you see on the internet. NEXT: Samsung Galaxy S10: All the rumors in one place

date: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 22:05:29 +0000