Offer extended: Malwarebytes giving 90 days of premium service

2018 has seen an unprecedented degree of mobile-based malware, adware, and ransomware. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Online criminals are simply following their prey, and year over year we’re living on our phones more than ever before. In the PC world, antivirus and malware protection have been must-haves for any savvy cyber sentinel since the nascent days of the internet. It’s curious that we’ve taken so long to acknowledge that the same vulnerabilities — and, indeed, many additional ones — exist on our smartphones. More than 500,000 forms of Android malware appeared online in December 2017 alone This may be a matter of cultural desensitizing. Back in the 80’s, the idea of someone else accessing your computer was such a novel and invasive concept that ‘hackers’ immediately carved out an edgy niche in the public consciousness. In the 90s, we were cautioned against using our real names online during a panic of kids meeting strangers in chat rooms and ostensibly getting picked up in sketchy vans to never be seen again. Nowadays we use our real names to contact strangers on the internet specifically for the purpose of picking us up in their sketchy vans so we can get home safely from the bar. We feel invincible, but we’re not. And the numbers are finally starting to force us to face reality. As Malwarebytes‘ research team concludes: This holiday season, millions of people will use smartphones and tablets to shop for gifts, and hackers see opportunity. You may assume mobile devices are safe, but in reality, more than 500,000 forms of Android malware appeared online in December 2017 alone. More and more people are finally adopting mobile protection, but it’s taking some effort. We’re used to taking our phones for granted and trusting the stock software to be robust against whatever new slings and arrows cyber criminals contrive month after month. I don’t think I have to tell you that this trust is misplaced. Malwarebytes is offering 90 days of premium service, but you default to the free version when your trial expires. Malwarebytes is combating the public reluctance to adopt mobile protection by offering a genuine risk-free trial of their premium service. Starting this Black Friday and running through the end of November, if you sign up for Malwarebytes you’ll get complete access to their top-tier mobile protection for 90 days. Unlike most trials, when your premium trial expires Malwarebytes will default you to the free version of their service. They’re so confident in their product that they’re willing to bet that, after three months of using their protection, you’re going to want to voluntarily upgrade.  That’s a bet many brands aren’t willing to put on themselves. So what all do you get with MalwareBytes Premium? I’m glad you asked. Malwarebytes Premium in a Glance: Malware scanner: Finds and removes threats that other security apps miss Privacy checker: Shows you which apps are taking more private data than they need Web protection: Blocks scam sites, phishing attempts, and malicious links Call protection: Blocks calls from known and suspected scammers (US and Canada only) From Malwarebytes: Sign up before November 30th to try all our premium Android features risk free for 90 days. No commitment to buy required. If you don’t upgrade before your trial runs out, you’ll be downgraded to the free version. How to claim your 90-day trial Click here to create a free Malwarebytes account or log in to your existing account. Once you’re in your account, take note of the premium trial activation key code at the top of the page. Download the free version of Malwarebytes for Android in the Google Play Store. Enter your activation key in the app. Done! Enjoy your 90-day trial of Malwarebytes for Android Premium. Have a happy holiday and a safe New Year! If you want to learn more about Malwarebytes before diving in, you can always click the button below for the full scoop! Keep Reading Learn more: About Malware About Adware About Ransomeware Malwarebytes’ Black Friday Promotion The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB.

date: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 21:12:57 +0000