Even Android’s VP of engineering thinks Android’s sharing menu is too slow

David Burke, Android’s VP of engineering, tweeted that speeding up the Android sharing menu is a priority. Burke says fixing the slowness is a “big job” but his team is working on a redesign. According to Burke, the new Android sharing menu will have a “different underlying data model.” Earlier today, Android’s VP of engineering David Burke sent out a tweet in response to an Android user’s complaint. In the tweet, Burke acknowledges that the Android sharing menu is slow and also says his team is working on the problem, and that it is a “priority.” You can see the original tweet and Burke’s response below: It’s a priority, just a big job. We’re working on a redesign with a different underlying data model (push vs pull) that will be much faster and nicer to use. — Dave Burke (@davey_burke) November 9, 2018 Editor's PickThe ‘Google sharing bandwidth’ and CBRS story: What’s actually happening in the wireless space Wireless spectrum is in high-demand in the U.S., and for good reason. 5G is just over the horizon, and carriers need low-latency, high-bandwidth frequencies. It's not cheap, either. The wireless industry is built on high-priced auctions … According to the tweet, the Android development team is working on a “different underlying data model” for Android sharing which will swap out the current model — which pulls data when a user is trying to share something — to a push model instead. Theoretically, pushing data to the sharing menu will be faster than the current method. However, it is apparently a “big job,” so the team isn’t going to fly right through it. With that in mind, Burke doesn’t give any sort of timeline for the rollout of the updated Android sharing menu. Since Android 9 Pie is still fairly new, it likely isn’t coming any time soon. It would probably be safe to assume we won’t see any redesigns until at least Android Q, which won’t arrive in even a beta version until the summer of 2019. What do you think? Do you experience slow Android sharing menus? Is it a big deal? Let us know in the comments! NEXT: Android 9 Pie update tracker

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/android-sharing-menu-slow-923687/
date: Fri, 09 Nov 2018 21:00:37 +0000