Samsung is working on a completely wireless DeX solution

The Samsung DeX Pad. According to a European Samsung forum moderator, Samsung is working on a completely wireless DeX solution. Theoretically, you would simply “cast” your phone’s screen to a monitor dongle, that would then initiate the DeX experience. This news is based off one statement from a Samsung forum moderator, so take it with a grain of salt. The Samsung DeX experience — in which you use your smartphone or tablet as a desktop replacement — is certainly a unique and interesting feature supported by Samsung flagships. However, in order to use it, you either need a DeX docking station or, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a DeX USB Type-C dongle. Going forward though, there might be a new DeX on the horizon which is completely wireless, via SamMobile. The rumor stems from a post by a European Samsung forum moderator. A forum member asked about why there’s no wireless solution for DeX, and the moderator answered by saying that Samsung is “working on a wireless connection for DeX” but “there isn’t a timeline for the implementation” of the technology. Check out the forum post below: SamMobile While there’s obviously not a lot to go on here, we can extrapolate on what a wireless DeX product might look like. There would probably be an HDMI dongle of some kind that you plug into the back of your computer monitor or television, not unlike a Chromecast. Then, when you want to use your phone as a desktop computer, you would “cast” your phone to the dongle and then connect your peripherals (mouse, keyboard) via Bluetooth. Editor's PickSamsung Galaxy Tab S4 hands-on: Dex gets to work It's 2018 and the tablet-laptop hybrid craze is still going strong. We recently saw Microsoft unveil the Surface Go, a tablet hybrid bringing premium Windows to the masses, and even Apple launched a more affordable … If that were the case, it would look a lot like Continuum, a Microsoft product for Windows 10 phones (RIP). All Samsung would need to do would be to develop a very similar product. Granted, using a DeX product like this would mean having a dedicated monitor setup for your phone to connect with, or having a monitor with two HDMI inputs and switching back and forth from your regular desktop to the dongle. This could be tricky to set up, but the eventual convenience of not having a cluster of wires or a docking station on your desk would certainly be nice. What do you think? Do you use DeX? Would having a truly wireless option be of interest? Let us know in the comments! NEXT: Using Samsung DeX as a PC for a week – can you really leave your computer behind?

date: Tue, 02 Oct 2018 20:52:01 +0000