Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD is just around the corner, probably

A publicity image of the unreleased Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD. Essential The Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD is the expected digital-to-analog converter that snaps on to the Essential Phone. Although we’ve known about the Audio Adapter HD for some time now, the device just hit the FCC. According to an Essential AMA, the device should get released soon after it hits the FCC. Back in September, the team at Essential posted a Reddit AMA. During the question-and-answer session, someone asked about the Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD, the expected DAC snap-on for the Essential Phone. The team’s response was this: We can confirm that Audio Adapter HD is nearly ready for release. We’re in the final stages of certification with the FCC (we’ve been told this process takes approximately 6 weeks) and will share more information on release dates and pricing soon. The team has been working hard and we’re excited to deliver one of the best mobile audio experiences available. Well, the announcement of pricing and a release date should come soon, then, because the Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD just hit the FCC. The question now becomes: is this too little too late? Editor's PickEssential talks Android Q, notch settings, and more in latest Reddit AMA Even with a bleak looking future, Essential is still working hard to make sure its customers are happy. In addition to it releasing the Android Pie update within hours of Google making the firmware official, Essential still … As of today, the only modular accessory for the Essential Phone — which, we might add, was sold as a modular phone (in case you forgot) — is the 360 Camera snap-on which takes 360-degree photos and video. For a smartphone which is over a year old, having only one modular accessory is pretty poor. Now, with the company’s future up in the air and the team supposedly working on something which may or may not even be a smartphone, one begins to wonder how much demand will be left for something like the Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD. Granted, the people who love their Essential Phones really love their Essential Phones, so there may be a core audience who will gobble this new audio accessory up. What do you think? Are you excited for the eventual release of the Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD? Let us know in the comments! NEXT: There could be a new, incredibly ambitious Essential device at CES 2019

date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 19:29:22 +0000