Are you a power user? Save 30% on your utility bill!

Arcadia Power In 2018, we’re running more electronics in our homes than ever before. That smart home tech can run up the bill, but here’s a way to save every month. If you’re like the average Android Authority reader, you own and operate more than your average number of consumer electronics on a daily basis. Power users tend to rack up higher electricity bills than the normies, so we’ve been scouring the net for the easiest way for our readers to save on that monthly cost. What we’ve found is pretty interesting. Normally when we think of switching to green energy, we think of an initial uptick in cost followed by long-term savings. But Arcadia has worked out a different solution. Switching to green energy sources can save you as much as 30 percent on your utility bill. Gone are the days when we relied on oil, coal, and natural gas to power our lives. Not only are they more expensive, but those resources could run out in our lifetime — not to mention they may likely pollute the earth’s atmosphere to cataclysmic levels before that. There aren’t just long-term negative effects of fossil fuel use, either. Those who live near coal power plants are more likely to contract Asthma, lung disease, and other serious health problems. So there are lots of strong motivators for swapping to green. Arcadia offers a different approach to green energy. Many believe green energy sources are hard to come by or super expensive. That may have once been true, but no longer! Thanks to the power of the internet. Arcadia Power connects you to an online platform where you can access low-cost clean energy solutions, and improve how your home runs. It’s like having a personal energy advisor to manage your utility account and recommend cheap alternative clean energy plans. It’s up to you whether you accept them or not. You’ll start saving money regardless. Arcadia Power also offers utility billing at no transaction fee, so you can earn points with every power bill. Hell, as icing on the cake, if you sign up for a clean energy plan (which takes about two minutes through their interface) you’ll get $20 off your next power bill. Free $20 on top of additional savings? Hard to argue with. Ready to save some green while going green? Give Arcadia a shot by clicking the button below. Go Green and Save Money Now! This content brought to you by our friends at Arcadia Power.

date: Mon, 08 Oct 2018 21:31:12 +0000