Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy Note 9 case review: Corner save

Protecting the aesthetic and design simultaneously. The Galaxy Note 9 is beastly: at nearly 6.4 inches tall and just over 7 ounces, when it falls it goes down hard. Anyone with a shattered glass back or front can attest to that. Whitestone's Dome Glass clear case is just $10 but it does everything a good case should do: maintains the phone's beauty while protecting as much of the device as possible. A clear winner Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy Note 9 $9.99 at Amazon A clear case with no compromises Whitestone's Dome Glass is a clear case that adds much-needed grip and protects the Note 9's four corners from impact. The Good Doesn't add much bulk Inexpensive High-quality plastic The Bad Attracts dust and fingerprints Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy Note 9 What's good Reviewing cases for big phones is a difficult proposition because as slippery or fingerprinty as a phone gets, the last thing you want to do is add weight or bulk to what may already be a pocket-protruding product. That's the good news with Whitestone's Dome Glass case, which is about as thin, light, and unobtrusive as it comes. This is about as good a clear case as you're going to get for $10. Made with high-quality, flexible plastic (also known as TPU), the case's best feature its grippy texture and reinforced corners, which make it easier to grip the slippery Note 9, and protect it from falls when those moments inevitably come. But while there is some give to the plastic, making it easy to install the phone, it's thick and strong enough to give me confidence in its longevity — this case isn't going to fall apart in a few months, and in the weeks I've had it on the phone, it's yet to show the telltale discoloration that comes with cheaply-made clear plastic. The Note 9's side buttons are all easily accessed through the plastic perimeter, and the phone's S Pen, a hallmark of Samsung's series since its introduction in 2011, is quickly removed. Similarly, the bottom cutouts for the headphone jack, USB-C port, microphone, speaker, and S Pen, are all perfectly positioned. Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy Note 9 What's not good As with all clear cases, it's imperative you clean the phone, and the inside plastic, prior to inserting the phone every time, lest you end up with dust, lint, and obvious fingerprints. With this case and the oversized Note 9, there's plenty of surface area for those tiny particles to get trapped, and that makes for a not-so-fun experience if you're the fastidious type like me. I had to remove the Note 9 more than a few times, and then finally install the case in a steamy bathroom, to prevent said visual aberrations. And while this is true of all cases, the Whitestone Dome Glass case, despite its transparency, still somewhat mars the Note 9's visual appeal. Not by a lot mind you, but you miss the carefully-designed chamfers and other subtleties of the phone when it's presented in a case. Should you buy it? For a clear case, this is a great choice There's no question that, when buying a case, you want something that effects the right compromise between protection and protecting the visual appeal of the phone in your pocket. While the Note 9 is one of the tallest phones on the market, the Dome Glass case adds only a little weight and length to every dimension, and that it keeps my expensive phone from harm is more than enough reason to keep it on there in the long-term. 4 out of 5 At just $10, the Whitestone Dome Glass case for the Note 9 is a great deal. See at Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review Galaxy Note 9 vs. Note 8 Where to buy the Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy Note 9 specifications Is the Note 8 still a good buy? Join our Galaxy Note 9 forums AT&T Verizon T-Mobile Samsung Amazon

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