Optoma has created audio magic on a budget with the BE Sport4

The Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 are new wireless earbuds that offer high-end audio quality, comfort, excellent battery life and ruggedness at a highly affordable price tag. What high-end features do these earbuds have? For people who demand excellent audio quality in their earbuds, the NuForce BE Sport4 includes graphene coated drivers that will help deliver crystal clear, premium sound to your ears. It supports AAC and aptX audio decoding formats for both Apple iPhone and Android smartphone devices. If you take your earbuds and smartphone with you to the gym, or out on the road, you will also demand that they stand up to the everyday stresses of life. The NuForce BE Sport4 are also excellent picks in these areas. They have an impressive IPX5 sweatproof and water-resistant rating, which means they will continue working even while you are wearing them and generating a sweat while exercising or just on the job. Get these $100 earbuds for $79 plus an extra 15% off Earbuds should also offer excellent battery life and the NuForce BE Sport4 will keep going for up to 10 hours on a single charge, In addition, if the earbuds run out of power, it only takes 15 minutes to charge them up for up to 2 hours of listening to music. These earbuds are comfortable and stylish All of the high-end features in the NuForce BE Sport4 don’t mean much if they are not comfortable to wear. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with these earbuds. They use a new ear tip design called SpinFit TwinBlade®️, that not only offer maximum comfort and stability, but also securely fit inside the ear. The earbuds come with interchangeable silicone ear tips and ear wings, and you will also get multiple color and size options for those tips and wings that help to personalize the look and fit of the NuForce BE Sport4 even more. In addition the earbuds do a great job at blocking out external noise. The housing for the NuForce BE Sport4 is mostly composed of lightweight aluminum, which only weighs 0.5 oz, while the parts that are made for the inner ear are plastic. Magnets at the end of the earbuds help you to carry them around without any tangles to the wires. Speaking of which, the NuForce BE Sport4 includes an in-line mic and controls. These can be to activate Siri on your iPhone,i or Google Assistant on your Android phone. You can also pick up calls, skip and pause music tracks, activate the earbuds’ Bluetooth pairing mode and adjust the volume of the audio. All of these features are usually found in earbuds that costs well over $100, but the NuForce BE Sport4 are available now for just $79 on Amazon. Plus, get an additional 15 percent off with the promo code 15AUTHOR! You can order these earbuds now at the link below. Grab your pair and save!

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/optoma-nuforce-be-sport4-902798/
date: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 19:20:12 +0000