Leaked Pixel 3 wireless charging stand press photo shows off its design

There have been a few leaks which have highlighted the upcoming Pixel 3’s wireless charging capabilities. While we’ve known about the phone’s new feature, we really haven’t seen what the Pixel 3’s Wireless Charging Stand actually looks like. That all changed today with a new leak, a press shot of the bottom side of the stand. Like most other wireless charging stands Google’s take on the Pixel 3 accessory doesn’t look like anything special. The back panel of the stand is oval-shaped which is connected to a circular plate. The image shows that the bottom of the bottom side of the stand is orange with a USB C connection which fits in through the back. You can also make out the text on the bottom of the charger which reveals the dock’s products number (G019C) and that it’s capable of charging the Pixel 3 at 18W (9V/2A).  A previous Pixel 3 Wireless Charging Dock leak showed that the phone will change the way that it displays content when it’s on the dock. While docked, the Pixel 3’s UI will feature larger buttons for quick access to music, phone, Google Assistant and other core features and larger notifications for easier interaction. What’s not yet clear is if Google will make this new UI into Android or keep it for itself as a Pixel-only feature.     Are you excited that the Pixel 3 will feature wireless charging?

source: https://phandroid.com/2018/09/26/leak-pixel-3-wireless-charging-stand-press-photo-shows-off-its-design/
date: Wed, 26 Sep 2018 17:58:39 +0000