HQ Trivia makers will release Wheel of Fortune style mobile game in October

HQ Trivia featured image The makers of HQ Trivia will launch a new game called HQ Words in October 2018. HQ Words will be a live mobile game akin to Wheel of Fortune where you’ll guess phrases against a timer. Just like HQ Trivia, HQ Words will have live gameplay where you can win real cash prizes. There’s no question that HQ Trivia — the live game show app where you can win real cash prizes — is an enormous hit. But the question is: can lightning strike twice for the game’s developers, HQ? We’ll find out come October when HQ launches its next game app called HQ Words, via DigiDay. Like its predecessor, HQ Words will be a live game show app with real money on the line, but instead of focusing on trivia questions it will center on word games akin to the game show institution Wheel of Fortune. Check out the GIF below to see how it will look: Just like Wheel of Fortune, you’ll have to figure out what the word or phrase is based on how many letters are available as well as the category hint. For every letter you guess correctly, you get awarded points. If you guess wrong, you get a strike — three strikes and you’re out. At the end of the round, whoever has the most points is the winner with the purse for that game getting immediately deposited into the winner’s PayPal account. Editor's Pick10 best quiz games and trivia games for Android Quiz games and trivia games have dominated the media over the last several decades. Hits like Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud, and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader have retained … As with HQ Trivia, there will be a game show host with HQ Words, although it will not be Scott Rogowsky. the infamous “Quiz Daddy” from HQ Trivia. Right now, HQ is casting potential hosts for HQ Words and admits that it hopes to find a different kind of personality to give HQ Words its own feel. This will also not be the last we hear from HQ, as the company wants to diversify even more with more games and more content. What do you think? Are you excited for a new HQ game, or does this style of mobile gaming not appeal to you? Let us know in the comments! Play HQ Trivia for Android

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/hq-words-tease-905509/
date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 19:48:20 +0000