Google Hire app hits Play Store under ‘Unreleased’ banner

A screenshot of the website for Google Hire. A new Android app from Google just landed on the Google Play Store. Google Hire is an app that integrates with the G Suite to help businesses recruit new employees. The app is marked “Unreleased” and you have to apply via to use it. A new Android app from Google just hit the Google Play Store: Google Hire, which is associated with Google’s Hire feature within the G Suite. Hire — launched in early 2017 — is Google’s attempt to better streamline the hiring process for small-to-medium-sized businesses. By using the familiar layouts of Google apps like Gmail and Google Search, the company hopes that Hire will be the go-to place for businesses looking for new recruits. The Google Hire app itself can be downloaded by anyone, although it is currently labeled as “Unreleased.” The app is findable via a search on the Google Play Store and it appears to work on most every Android device. However, the app is essentially useless if you are not a member of the Hire program at Editor's PickGoogle Calculator gets a Material Theme redesign Since showing off its new Material Theme at I/O 2018, Google has slowly been rolling out the refreshed design to its various apps and services. After making the new look available in Chrome, Android Messages, and … To get into that program, you have to request a demo from Google and then get an invite into the program itself. As such, the Google Hire Android app listing on the Play Store is just a placeholder at the moment, as only a very small subset of users can actually do anything with it. Still, it’s always interesting to see which new directions Google is headed, and it appears that the company is working on its Hire platform to compete with other recruiting companies like LinkedIn, Monster, and Workable. If you own a small-to-mid-sized business and want to see what Google can do for you when it comes to hiring new team members, check out Google Hire here, or click the button below to download the Android app: Install Google Hire

date: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 21:00:29 +0000