From amps to microwaves, Amazon tipped to reveal more Alexa devices

The Amazon logo on an Amazon Echo. Amazon is reportedly working on eight new Alexa-powered gadgets. These gadgets include an amplifier, in-car device, and a microwave oven. Amazon is tipped to reveal a few of these gadgets at an event later this month. Voice assistants have slowly spread from smartphones and smart speakers, landing on computers, cars and much more. Now, it seems Amazon is hoping to take things a step further with a clutch of new devices. The online retailer is working on eight new Alexa-powered gadgets, CNBC reported, citing “people familiar with the matter.” The devices include an amplifier, receiver, sub-woofer, in-car gadget and a microwave oven. The outlet adds that these gadgets will either have Alexa built-in or can easily connect to the assistant. It’s believed Amazon will unveil a few of these Alexa-powered devices at an event later this month. An expanding battleground for voice The in-car gadget and microwave oven make for particularly interesting additions. In the case of the former, it could potentially bring smart functionality to older cars, delivering traffic information, music playback and more. An Alexa-powered microwave oven could possibly allow users to start/stop the microwave, and set cooking times. Editor's PickAmazon Alexa: The definitive guide Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant, which competes with Google Assistant. It’s available on various devices like smartphones and smart speakers, and lets you check the weather, play music, and control smart devices in your home with voice … It all serves as more evidence that voice assistants have truly become pervasive. We’ve seen the functionality come to plenty of gadgets, such as lights, refrigerators, kettles, and even mirrors. Are voice-enabled appliances the new “internet of things” though? Hopefully not, but Amazon, Google and others will need to be careful not to merely add voice functionality for the sake of it. Nevertheless, the news also comes as Amazon and Google duke it out for control of the smart speaker space. Google has made impressive gains over the past 12 months, but the battle for number one is too close to call. Would you buy an Alexa-enabled microwave oven? Let us know in the comments! NEXT: JBL Link View review — Speaker first, display second

date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 09:08:33 +0000