Become a spreadsheet master from macros to formulas in Excel and Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets Mastery Bundle Microsoft Excel can be a powerful tool in the workplace, and this course is your first step to understanding its true potential. Learn the similar features in Google Sheets has like charts, graphs, pivot tables, functions, and formulas. Learn the features that make each program unique so you can master the best of both programs. You can make spreadsheets easy and even fun while massively improving your productivity. All you need is the right training. The Excel and Google Sheets Mastery Bundle is a new deal we found, and it’s perfect for anyone looking to improve their spreadsheet skills. Excel Google Sheets The Excel and Google Sheets Master Bundle at a glance: Learn how to present and organize data in Excel and Google Sheets. Replicate Microsoft Excel’s functions by using macros, import HTML & scripts. Learn how to use PivotTables, Pivot Charts & basic macros. Validate your training w/ a certification of completion. You’ll learn many time-saving formulas such as ‘If’, ‘Vlookup’, and ‘Count’. As you get more comfortable, you’ll be walked through pivot tables, charts, and even macros. Each of the two learning kits in the bundle are worth $345, but there’s a huge price drop on the whole package this week. You can get lifetime access to both courses for only $19, so you can work through them at your leisure. You even get certificates of completion to validate your training. Ready to up your spreadsheet game? The deal ends soon, so sign up now via the button below. Check it out! The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB. Looking for a new phone or plan? Start here with the Android Authority Plan Tool: This smart tool lets you filter plans by phone, price, data tiers, and regional availability. Stop overpaying for cell service you hate and a phone that you’re tired of. Use our Compare Phones & Plans tool to fully customize your mobile experience and painlessly transition from one carrier to another!

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