OnePlus Bullets Wireless back in stock for US and Canada

An image of a man wearing OnePlus Bullets Wireless earbuds. OnePlus The OnePlus Bullets Wireless earbuds are back in stock for U.S. and Canada customers on Who knows how long stock will last, so if you want a pair you should grab them now. OnePlus Bullets Wireless are the company’s first wireless headphones product, launched with the OnePlus 6. OnePlus launched its first pair of wireless headphones — the OnePlus Bullets Wireless — at its launch event for the OnePlus 6. However, the headphones weren’t available to buy for some time after the launch, and the stock has gone in and out since then. That’s why if you want a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless (and live in the United States or Canada) now is the time to grab a pair. If you head to, you’ll see that the Bullets Wireless are in stock. This wasn’t the case yesterday and might not be the case next week, depending on how much stock the company actually has. Editor's PickStudent discount codes can get you 5% off a OnePlus 6 Red or 10% off Bullets Wireless If you are a student, you likely know that you can get numerous discounts on all sorts of things, from Spotify Premium, to Adobe Creative Cloud, to Amazon Prime. But you might not know that … The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are connected by a cable that wraps around the back of your head, making them perfect for working out. They charge in about ten minutes and last for five hours on a single charge. If you are listening to music and take the headphones off and snap them together using their magnetic backs, the music will automatically stop. When you disconnect them later on, the music will resume where you left off. We haven’t had a chance to review the OnePlus Bullets Wireless ourselves, but those who have give them fairly high reviews. If you’re a OnePlus fan, it seems like these would be an important addition to your collection. Don’t forget to use your student discount codes to save some money on your pair! Click here to read more about that. Click the button below to buy now! Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless

date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 17:59:07 +0000