Here's what's exclusive in Destiny 2 Forsaken for the PlayStation 4

Strikes, Exotics and Armor sets are exclusive to Sony. With every new release of Destiny, Sony has gained exclusive access to at least some content and Forsaken is no exception. Released on Thursday, August 30 on we have finally gotten a look at what we can expect as PS4 Destiny players. From what we have seen there will be a new Strike named Broodhold, a new Exotic trace rifle called Wavesplitter, an Exotic ship, and a whole armor set for each class. Let's jump right in and find out the details. See at Amazon The Strike: Broodhold Set in the outlaw area of the Reef, called the Tangled shore, this strike is, obviously a very Hive heavy one. Watching the footage you can see Fallen scrambling all over a broken Hive Tombship, probably scavenging it, while they have, according to the Bungie team, found something bad deep in the levels of the ship. In the gameplay video above we see some really nice details of the inside of the Hive ship and it looks a lot like the Dreadnought from Destiny 1, lots of weird organic things growing on the walls and sickly colors all over. It looks really badass to my eyes and with any Hive strike you can expect waves of Thrall and Ogre's all over the place. I like this kind of dynamic as it changes the ebb and flow of combat The big bad of the Strike is a wizard/witch — since destiny one I have called them witches even though some are wizards — and she has a new mechanic that we haven't seen before. She seems to be able to change form from physical to non-corporeal, a shadow form they call it. This means that at certain times of the fight you won't be able to damage her, you will just have to keep cover and, I assume, kill waves of little baddies as she hurls something nasty at you. I like this kind of dynamic as it changes the ebb and flow of combat, making it a little more tactical. More: Everything we know about Forsaken New Exotic Weapon: The Wavesplitter A Void Trace rifle is something fans have been asking after for a long time and the Wavesplitter seems to be the answer to their prayers. This weapon uses the new weapon system from the 2.0 update so it uses green secondary ammo and can be put in the Energy slot instead of being a power weapon. This gives you a lot more options on how to use it as well as more chance to use it, secondary ammo is much more abundant than heavy ammo. The Wavesplitter also has its own mechanic for maximizing firepower. The power in the weapon actually comes in waves, so it is powerful at first, then ebbs away then comes back. The trick to using it will be to time how long you hold the trigger down to maximize the amount of power while saving ammo. I love this. Adding this kind of mechanic to guns as well as the environment and enemies means you, the player, has more to think about in a normal, humdrum battle and adds another layer of tactical play. One extra cool thing the Wavesplitter does is gain a power boost on a special orb pick up, meaning the gun uses its full wave of energy for longer. This is shown by the capsules on the top of the gun overcharging and I think we see a lot of people swapping guns just to take advantage of that. More: What's new in Destiny 2 2.0 Exclusive Armor sets. Each Class is getting a full armor set as an exclusive with the Forsaken update. Called Red Moon Phantom, Mimetic Savior, and Thorium Holt these armor sets for the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock respectively, are a little subdued. As you can see from the images they don't have a lot of flair or crazy shape to them, though the warlock and hunter helms do look kind of cool with no real eye holes, just a red light. Obviously, some shaders will make a lot of difference to the blandness of the sets but I would have liked to have seen something more western for these exclusives. the warlock and hunter helms do look kind of cool with no real eye holes, just a red light. As of right now, there is almost no information on any of the perks that these armor sets might have or what their masterworks might do but who wants to know everything that's going to happen? Well, we do it's why we are here but I don't have that information as of yet. When I do get it I will let you know. A new ship The last exclusive we get on the PlayStation 4 is a new ship. Not much to say about this one right now, just that it's called Great Beyond and looks like the picture above. Ships have never really made my pulse race so I'm not all that bothered by this, I'm far more interested in something that changes how I play than cosmetics. Of course, I spend a lot of time looking at the ship floating in space so it needs to look good, and this one does. Your thoughts? How do you feel about the exclusive for Forsaken? I think the Armor is a little dull but the strike and gun look excellent. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Preorder at Amazon

date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 20:45:25 +0000