Here are the five unlucky Wear OS watches that won’t see the redesign

Google just announced a Wear OS redesign that dramatically alters the way the operating system looks and functions. Almost all smartwatches will see the Wear OS redesign, except for five older models. The five older models also didn’t receive the Android Wear 2.0 update in 2017. Google announced a full-on Wear OS redesign earlier today that will dramatically change the way the operating system looks and functions. While the changes are welcome — considering Wear OS hasn’t changed much since it was known as Android Wear — some devices won’t see the love. Google confirmed to 9to5Google that the smartwatches that didn’t see the Android Wear 2.0 update back in 2017 would also not see the Wear OS redesign. The list of those devices is pretty small; check them out below: LG G Watch Samsung Gear Live Moto 360 (2014 Model) Sony Smartwatch 3 Asus ZenWatch (First Gen) Fortunately, if your Wear OS smartwatch is not on that list, you will eventually see the Wear OS redesign on your wearable hardware. Editor's PickHuge Diesel Full Guard 2.5 smartwatch does it all, but on a soon-to-be-outdated chip IFA 2018 is just starting to ramp up, and to start things off we have a new Wear OS smartwatch reveal from Italian fashion brand Diesel: the Diesel Full Guard 2.5. As you can see from … Now, the question then becomes how long will it take before you see the update? Google says that the update is rolling out over the next month, so it could be October before you see the new features and design. Hmmm, what else is going on in October? Ah yes, the rumored release of a Google-branded smartwatch. What a coincidence! Anyway, the Wear OS redesign makes it much easier to access the most-used features of Wear OS as well as increased integration with Google Fit and Google Assistant. You can read more about the redesign as well as see some GIFs of it in action by clicking below. NEXT: Huge Wear OS redesign is coming, check out how it works in these GIFs

date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 19:12:23 +0000