The Pixelbook is on sale at Best Buy and it starts at just $750

Save $250 and get free shipping on the coolest Chromebook ever. If you love deals and have been wanting to get your paws on a Google Pixelbook you need to hit up Best Buy, where you can save a ton of money right now. The base model Pixelbook normally sells for $999 and is now on sale for $749, and you can save the same big money if you opt for one of the more powerful upgrades — the 256GB storage model can be had for $949 (normally $1199) and the 512GB version is just $1,399 (normally $1649). And these prices include free shipping. Even the Pixelbook Pen is on sale and you can snag one (and you totally should) for $89 and save ten bucks. The Pixelbook is one of Google's most ambitious products ever, and one if its best. Beautiful hardware matched with Chrome's simplicity and security make for one awesome Chromebook. But the price has always been a barrier to a lot of folks and knocking a couple of hundred dollars off — this is the lowest we've ever seen any of the models — is even more awesome. Awesomer, if you will. Don't miss out on the best price the best Chromebook has ever seen! See at Best Buy $749 Chromebooks The best Chromebooks Chromebooks in education: Everything you need to know Should you buy a Chromebook? Chromebook Buyers Guide Google Pixelbook review Join our Chromebook forums

date: Sat, 02 Jun 2018 16:07:29 +0000