HTC's already having shipping problems with the U12+ [Update]

Amazon orders might not go out until August 3. Updated 12:38 PM ET: Looks like the U12+ is doing okay, after all. In a statement sent to Android Central, HTC said: "We're aware a small number of U12+ orders were affected by a system error that made it seem like the orders were canceled. This is not the case, and we're in the process of contacting these customers to ensure they know their order will be on its way very soon. We are working directly with these customers to ensure they quickly receive and love their HTC U12+." The HTC U12+ is an — interesting — phone. The design is striking and the cameras are top-notch, but the buggy, fake power/volume buttons create for an often frustrating experience. Even so, that hasn't stopped a few die-hard HTC fans from picking up the phone for themselves. Some members of the AC forums reported that their pre-orders are now shipping, but for those that purchased the U12+ through Amazon, things aren't looking too hot. holz75 06-21-2018 12:31 PM “ I know it's hard to trust anything the Amazon customer service people say, but the one I just spoke to said the phone was never in stock to begin with! No idea why they'd say it would be released on June 21. I do know people on XDA who ordered the phone direct from HTC without financing are starting to receive theirs. Reply X1tymez 06-21-2018 03:46 PM “ Wow! They told me nothing is in stock. If I cancel my order then I might lose my spot lol. So they us to go with I get cheaper deal on shipping cost with Amazon. Reply zwagni 06-21-2018 03:52 PM “ that's where I'm at aswell this is a big fumble on there part right now I hate Samsung but it may be a must to switch my htc10 is on its last leg and I need a new phone for work asap. Reply msm0511 06-21-2018 04:24 PM “ I spoke with an HTC rep through chat and he kept reiterating something about an investigation into all the cancelled orders, and apologized. When I told him the previous rep I spoke to said if I reordered I wouldn't lose my place, but the chat rep told me if I reordered today it would be July before it ships. When I mentioned not losing my place in line all he would say is that there is an... Reply Basically, people that pre-ordered a U12+ through Amazon are now being told that the phone was on backorder the whole time. So, instead of the phone shipping on June 21 like it was expected, it's now looking like shipments won't go out until August 3. With that said, we'd love to hear from you. If you pre-ordered a U12+, what's your shipment status looking like? Join the conversation in the forums!

date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 16:38:00 +0000