Is Google footing the bill for OG Pixel motherboard issue?

Google Pixel XL Google is willing to foot the bill if your out-of-warranty Google Pixel has major motherboard issues — at least in one apparent case. A Redditor reported their experience after their first-generation Pixel XL refused to power back on. The user noted that their warranty had expired the previous month and Google refused to give them credit for a new phone. However, the Mountain View company suggested that the user contact repair chain UBreakiFix. A store representative apparently told the user that the issue was “common” with the Pixel devices, adding that Google was paying for the repairs. The Redditor received a call from the chain a week after mailing their phone in for repairs, confirming that the motherboard was replaced and that “Google paid for it.” PSA: Google is replacing motherboards for the OG Pixel and Pixel XL for free via UBreakIFix if you have the bricked/bootlooping issue. from r/GooglePixel A second Redditor chimed in, saying that they had to try several UBreakiFix outlets before a third store confirmed that motherboard issues would be fixed for free. We’ve contacted UBreakiFix for clarification, but the repair chain didn’t directly address the report. “What I would recommend is to visit our locations for a free diagnostic service, and our technicians will provide you with more information about which repairs need to be done and pricing,” a sales representative told us. We also emailed Google for a response, but the company hasn’t responded as of publication. Some first-generation Pixels suffer from a major hardware fault, in the form of a tiny crack in the solder of one of the microphones. It’s unclear whether the crack is responsible for motherboard issues as reported by this redditor.

date: Thu, 03 May 2018 01:09:32 +0000