The Room: Old Sins is coming to Android (Update: Out now!)

the room old sins Fireproof Games Update 4/18/2018 at 4:35 P.M. EST: Fireproof Games confirmed that The Room: Old Sins would hit Android on April 19. It looks like the company fulfilled that promise a day early, as you can now download the game from the Google Play Store. Just click here to download, or hit the button at the bottom of the original article below. Original Article: The fourth entry in the popular ‘room escape’ adventure series debuted on iOS devices in late January, but the lack of news regarding the already confirmed Android release had raised some concern among fans. In a blog post earlier this month, the UK developer explained that bug fixing and the specification disparity between Android devices were among the reasons for the delayed launch. Now, it appears that those issues have been sorted. Fireproof also noted in an update today that fans should keep an eye on its social channels for information regarding pre-registration and Beta test access ahead of the full release. No pricing has been confirmed, but it’s likely to match the current App Store price of $4.99. You can watch the launch trailer for The Room: Old Sins below. Original story (03/06/2017): UK developer Fireproof Games has previously released three installments in its popular 3D puzzle-based game series The Room so far on Android. However, the last such release, The Room 3, was launched over a year ago, and since then many fans of the series have wondered if there would be a fourth entry. Today, the team finally announced that they are indeed working on a new game in the franchise, The Room: Old Sins. The Room series combines adventure-style gameplay with a ‘room escape’ theme.  The developer has not reveal much in terms of what we can expect from The Room: Old Sins, but based on its brief description on its main page, it will center on trying to find some kind of artifact in a home with an old and odd dollhouse inside. It adds that players can expect to go “on a journey into the world behind the veil” in this installment of The Room. That sounds pretty creepy.Editor's Pick10 best escape games for Android Escape games are a sub-genre of puzzle games. They are vastly better in real life. However, there are some games that have similar elements. For those who may not know, escape games have you placed in … It looks like we will have to wait a while before The Room: Old Sins is released, as it is not due to launch until sometime in late 2017 for both Android and iOS. However, if you happen to be in the UK from March 30 to April 1, you can head over to the EGX Rezzed game event in London, where The Room: Old Sins will get its first public showing. If you are a fan of The Room game series, are you happy to learn about The Room: Old Sins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! play the room: old sins

date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 21:05:21 +0000