The Android Developers website is no longer stuck in the past

Google refreshed its Android Developers website to bring it in line with other recent refreshes. Some individual pages were removed, while others were moved or completely changed. Google said the refresh allows for additional improvements in the near future. Apparently not satisfied with giving Gmail a much-needed visual refresh, Google finally gave its Android Developers website the fresh coat of paint it needed. That is not to say the Android Developers website appeared ugly. However, the white background, updated iconography, and organization of the refresh subjectively make things more pleasing to the eyes. Folks might argue that the refresh makes getting to certain places a bit annoying. Whereas the Android Developers website previously kept its different sections on the side, the refresh moves those sections further down. That is somewhat offset by the gigantic search bar that now greets you when you visit Android Developers. Also, certain pages will have categories at the top and additional navigational options appearing as tabs at the bottom. The use of white also falls in line with Google’s sudden love affair with the color. The recent Gmail update, as well as the Google I/O app refresh and upcoming Android P update, feature an ample use of white. Android Developers’ refresh goes deeper than the homepage, as almost every page received some sort of update. The Package Index section is one of the exceptions, while the sample code navigator only received a slight refresh. Keep in mind that certain pages were either removed, moved, or entirely restructured. The “Docs” page, for example, replaced the “Develop” page. There are redirects in place, so no need to do anything if you bookmarked the older page. Because of the vast number of individual pages, we cannot confirm whether certain documentation appears different. Either way, a Google employee on the Android Developer Relations team confirmed that the Android Developers refresh lays the foundation for upcoming improvements. While you’re here: Check out DGIT Academy, a new course on Android development for beginners brought to your by Android Authority’s very own Gary Sims.

date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:08:55 +0000