SwiftKey update lets you customize the toolbar, beta version gets small visual refresh

SwiftKey pushed out updates to the stable and beta versions of the eponymous keyboard. Both updates introduce new features, though the stable update includes additional bug fixes. The updates are available from the Play Store. With the long-forgotten Swiftmoji app officially retired, the SwiftKey team turned its attention to its eponymous keyboard and pushed out updates to the stable and beta versions. Spotted by Android Police, the update lets you turn certain features on or off and rearrange them in the order you prefer. Tap the + button on the top left, then tap the three dots at the end of the toolbar. You can then tap to keep or remove items, as well as tap and hold to rearrange items. The update also lets you type in seven new languages, allows Location Sharing to work in 24 new countries, and defaults the Emoji panel to the last used tab. The Location Sharing feature is particularly noteworthy, since it was only available in the U.S. and India prior to the update. Editor's Pick10 best Android keyboardsFor many people, the default keyboard that comes on their devices is passable. It is usually either the stock Android keyboard or the OEM keyboard from Samsung, LG, etc. However, those are not your only options. … Lastly, SwiftKey will no longer crash when creating Photo Themes and you can re-personalize the keyboard from Gmail or Google Plus without it failing. Those that use the beta version of SwiftKey received a separate update. With the update, beta users have six new languages to type in, a list view of sticker packs that are not downloaded, additional predictions in Vietnamese and Thai, and a refreshed Quick Settings UI. Android Police Honestly, the refreshed Quick Settings UI might be a small step backwards. It looks more organized, but the enlarged buttons take up a bit more space than before. Either way, the updates for the stable and beta versions of SwiftKey is available from the Play Store. You can download either keyboard at the links below. SwiftKey SwiftKey Beta

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/swiftkey-updates-stable-beta-859605/
date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 05:17:48 +0000