OnePlus 6 leaked with wood(?) finish and headphone jack

With the OnePlus 5T now officially discontinued, fans of premium, high-end Android phones that wont break the bank turn their sights to the OnePlus 6. We’ve seen a few leaks tipping off its design — it’s even said the recently announced Oppo R15 could launch elsewhere as the OnePlus 6 — but we never had as clear of a look at the phone as we’re getting right now. The leak comes to us courtesy of @evleaks who posted the image of the OnePlus 6 onto Twitter. The phone is laying face down, so there’s no way to confirm the notch (don’t worry, it’s probably there) but shows the phone with a unique pattern on the back. It’s not clear whether this means the phone will come in something other than glass, or if this is a pattern underneath glass, but one things for certain: THERE’S A HEADPHONE JACK. Praise the smartphone gods. IN ARTICLE AD via Twitter

date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 18:13:36 +0000