LG says the G7 ThinQ will have ‘brightest and most vibrant display’ on the market

LG has announced that the upcoming G7 ThinQ will feature its brightest smartphone display ever. The company also promised the display will be color-accurate and tall. LG plans to reveal the G7 ThinQ in New York City on May 2. Whenever the awkwardly-named LG G7 ThinQ goes on sale, it will do so with a display that might make you wince. According to an LG press release we received via email, its upcoming flagship will feature a 6.1-inch QHD+ (3,120 x 1,440) resolution display with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. This would make the display the brightest smartphone screen LG has produced until now. LG claims this makes for “the brightest and most vibrant display on the smartphone market today,” though recent Samsung phones like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 have been found to have more than 1,000 nits. Perhaps LG is referring strictly to LCD screens. Editor's PickDisplay showdown: AMOLED vs LCD vs Retina vs Infinity DisplayIt can be argued that the display on your smartphone is its most important feature, as it is the principle way in which you interact with your device. A poor display means a poor user … Brightness, however, is only one aspect of a great display, with another being how colors are reproduced. With that in mind, LG said the G7 ThinQ’s display will cover 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. DCI-P3 is commonly used for digital movie projection in the U.S. film industry, so we can expect great color accuracy and more displayable colors on the G7 ThinQ. How those colors are displayed might differ depending on the environment, since the G7 ThinQ can supposedly analyze how you use it and optimize the display for that activity. To that end, the phone will automatically adapt to six screen color settings: Auto, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, and Expert. If you need finer control, you can scroll each RGB color level option while supported color settings are active. LG did not say which color settings support the granular control, though having more options will make power users happy. Finally, the G7 ThinQ’s display will have a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and allow for a 50 percent smaller bottom bezel versus the G6’s front panel. Interestingly, it looks like the G7 ThinQ will have a setting that changes the status bar to black. Also found on the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the feature lets you hide the notch if the controversial design choice bothers you. Editor's PickBest LG phones you can buyLG has had its share of ups and downs in the smartphone game, and the company hasn't made as much of an impact in the market as it might have liked. From being one of … Another interesting point is LG’s decision to use LCD instead of OLED for the G7 ThinQ. The LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL feature LG’s OLED panels and were knocked for appearing grainy and having a noticeable blue cast at small angles. Maybe LG wants to take more time to improve its OLED production. LG will reveal the G7 ThinQ in New York on May 2.

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/lg-g7-thinq-display-858804/
date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 07:25:38 +0000