Grilling up some weekend comments

Weekends were made for having fun and relaxing or both if you can find a way to do it. This weekend is the first weekend in a while where I can sit back and say "I ain't doin' sh*t all day" and I'm loving it. Somehow there always ends up being something that needs done (and I guess the weekend isn't over just yet so I probably jinxed myself) even when I plan to do a whole lot of nothing but sit somewhere warm with something cold to drink in my hands. Not this weekend. I have the house to myself and my phone is in do not disturb mode until Monday morning while I watch the world go by through the lovely view this lawn chair gives me. My wife isn't having as much fun, unfortunately. She's off on a weekend training thing for her job and enjoying the lovely sights and sounds of Newark, New Jersey until Sunday night. I've never had the pleasure of visiting Newark myself, though I have buzzed through the airport for a quick commuter connection and that was enough for me. I'll just keep this lawn chair company while I decide if I should clean out the grill before I cook some ribs or let the ashes and grease give them a bit of extra flavor. I'm leaning towards the extra flavor. Take a minute and jump in the comments to let everyone know what you have going on this weekend or to just talk about anything. If you have a good recipe for something easy I should toss on the grill Sunday afternoon (one that won't mind a bit of extra flavor so I don't have to clean anything) holler at me! My butcher is open Sunday until noon (the man is a godsend) and I'll try anything once.

date: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 16:00:02 +0000