Google’s April 2018 Android security patch available for download

Google has just released the April 2018 Android security patch for all current Pixel and Nexus devices. Factory images and OTA files are available now at the links below, though there are a few things to talk about before you get to downloading. Android 8.1 Oreo factory images and OTAs are available for download for the entire Pixel lineup and the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Note that the Nexus 6P has two April 2018 patches available, though specific carriers weren’t listed for either build so we don’t know the difference between the two at this time. Remember, just because the 6P and 5X aren’t receiving Android P, that doesn’t mean Google is ending support for the devices — both are slated to receive security updates through November 2018. You can download the proper files for your device at the links below: Google Pixel 2 (OPM2.171019.029, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA Google Pixel 2 XL (OPM2.171019.029) April 2018: factory image, OTA Google Pixel (OPM2.171019.029, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA Google Pixel XL (OPM2.171019.029, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA Google Pixel C (OPM1.171019.026, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA Nexus 6P (OPM3.171019.019, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA (OPM5.171019.019, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA Nexus 5X (OPM2.171019.029, Apr 2018): factory image, OTA Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable installing these updates yourself, just be patient — your device should receive an over-the-air update sometime soon. Google has also released an updated Android Security Bulletin for April 2018, which contains details on a multitude of critical and highly severe vulnerabilities that received patches with this update. There’s also a new Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin that contains Pixel/Nexus-specific patches as well as all the patches in the Android Security Bulletin.

date: Mon, 02 Apr 2018 18:36:57 +0000