Build your own team of superheroes in MARVEL Strike Force! [Game of the Week]

Update March 29, 2018: The biggest release this week is MARVEL Strike Force, but also check out Orbital 1! MARVEL Strike Force Given how absolutely massive the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become, I would be remiss if I didn't include Strike Force, which is out of beta and ready for release. Unlock your favorite Marvel heroes and villains and create your ultimate superhero squad as you play through a lengthy campaign mode in this visually stunning game. Seriously, the graphics here are top-notch, making this a must-play for any Marvel fan. And yet, this recommendation still comes with some trepidation. Having read the reviews from beta testers after the global launch update, many complained that the game has taken a big step back. Others have said that the game's biggest strength — the ability to team up and execute cool combos complete with sweet animations — eventually becomes repetitive as you grind towards collecting pieces to unlock new heroes. I haven't played through long enough to unlock too many heroes, but I can already sense the grinding nature of this game. Then again, if you love superheroes the grind might be more than worth it. Download: MARVEL Strike Force (Free w/IAPs) Orbital 1 Looking for a new PvP strategy game that's quick to learn and tricky to master? Check out Orbital 1, an action-packed game set in space and string a colorful crew of characters to battle with. Developed by Etermax, who you may know best as the folks behind Trivia Crack, Orbital 1 is a real-time strategy game that's similar to a game like Clash Royale except your towers have been replaced with fleets of moving gunships that orbit around the center of battle arenas. It's an interesting twist on a popular genre that's executed fairly well. Instead of having two established lanes to send your troops down, you deploy them ahead or behind your convoy to attack or defend against your opponent. Customize your team captain, build out your battle decks, and take on other players in Orbital 1. Download: Orbital 1 (Free w/IAPs) Android Gaming Best Android games Best free Android games Best games with no in-app purchases Best action games for Android Best RPGs for Android All the Android gaming news!

date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:00:00 +0000