Best Cases for Moto G6

These are the first batch of quality cases released for the Moto G6! Motorola latest entries in the Moto G lineup have been announced with the flagship Moto G6 arriving in the US in late May. But it's never too early to start thinking about accessories, with some brands quick to get their cases out there well ahead of the phone's actual release. Even if you're not planning to buy a case so far ahead of the phone's release, it's good to window shop a bit and see how the phone will look in different styles of cases. We'll be continuing to update this article with more options as they become available. MoKo Slim Fit Case MAIKEZI Slim Folio Wallet Case Cimo Slim Grip Clear Case Cimo Armor Case Spigen Rugged Armor Case Poetic Karbon Shield Case Moko Slim Fit Case We'll start with a slim, one-piece case from Moko. This is a sleek and affordable case made from flexible TPU that features a simple design that protects the Moto G6 and offers a nice soft touch finish without adding unnecessary bulk to the phone. This case also features a web-like structure on the interior of the case that's designed to help dissipate heat as you use your phone. It is available in both black and indigo starting at just $8, so this is a good option if you're a thrifty accessory shopper. See at Amazon MAIKEZI Slim Folio Wallet Case We expect to see more wallet-style cases coming out for the Moto G6 in the coming weeks, but for now, we'll recommend this option from MAIKEZI. This is a classic folio-style design that features a single card slot on the inside along with a pocket for storing cash and reciepts. The front flap is made of a leather exterior, a thin plate of steel for extreme protection, and a microfiber finish on the interior to protect the display. And of course, you can fold the case over to create a kickstand for hand-free media viewing. Available in both black and brown leather finishes, you can get this case for about $10. See at Amazon Cimo Slim Grip Clear Case For those who prefer a case that still lets you show off the design of your brand new phone, consider this clear case from Cimo. It's a grippy case made of flexible TPU that designed to keep your phone protected with raised bezels around the screen and around the camera bump on the back. We've highlighted the clear case option here, but you can also get this case style in opaque black, or semi-transparent purple — your choice for just $8. See at Amazon Cimo Armor Case If you know you're the type who needs a more rugged case, Cimo has you covered with this Armor case. This dual-layer case features a silicone body and a polycarbonate bumper that offers heavy duty protection for the Moto G6. The backside also features a pattern of raised bumps to help with grip — because the best way to avoid drop damage is to avoid dropping your phone in the first place. You can get this case for just $8 with three color styles available. See at Amazon Spigen Rugged Armor Case Spigen's Rugged Armor case is my go-to case style for any new phone, so we'll definitely recommend it here for the Moto G6. It's got that carbon fiber look at the top and bottom with a matte finish elsewhere, along with Spigen's air cushion technology in the corners to help absorb impacts. You can check this one-piece case out direct from Spigen for $20. See at Spigen Poetic Karbon Shield Case Another great rugged option for the Moto G6 comes from Poetic. The Karbon Shield case is lightweight and slim with a carbon fiber-style finish on the back that's both stylish and functional. Poetic is currently accepting pre-orders for this case. You can order yours for just $10. See at Poetic What's your preferred case style? Are you a clear case connoisseur or a fan of folio cases? Require rugged protection or something slim? Let us know in the comments!

date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:00:02 +0000