Best Battery Cases for the Galaxy Note 8

Don't be the sucker holding a $1000 phone with a dead battery! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest ultra-functional smartphone that uses that glorious S Pen that allows you to do more with your phone throughout the day — as long as you don't run out of battery life. That's where a battery case can come in real handy. If you've found your Note 8 battery can't make it through a full day of use, you might want to consider a battery case that will offer you a bit of a boost whenever you need it without leaving you tethered to a wall. But before we dive into the options below, we should say from the outset that most battery cases will prevent your phone from using NFC due to their thickness and density — certainly something to keep in mind. With that out of the way, let's take a look at our options! Mophie 2950mAh Juice Pack Battery Case Mophie Charge Force Case with powerstation External Battery Pack ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power Battery Case ZeroLemon 5500mAh SlimPower battery Case RUNSY 6500mAh Battery Case Mophie 2950mAh Juice Pack Battery Case Mophie is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphone battery cases and they produce a premium product with a price to match. For the Note 8, they offer the Mophie Juice Pack, which offers up 2950mAh of extra battery life for your phone, perfect for giving you an extra boost of juice when you're phone's running low near the end of the day. Available for $100, it's far and away the most expensive option on this list, especially when you consider the battery capacity is the smallest. This is because Mophie tends to value keeping things slim over packing more battery into a beefier case. However, the Juice Pack does include some pretty clutch features including wireless charging compatibility, so you can still use it on all of your various wireless chargers around the house. Mophie states on its website that its products are covered by a 2-year warranty, and it also offers a variety of wireless charging docks to keep your phone and your case topped up throughout your day. See at Amazon Mophie Charge Force Case with Powerstation External Battery Pack Mophie's other portable charging solution for the Note 8 isn't a traditional battery case but something more modular. The Charge Force Case is a growing product line at Mophie, with rear leather trim and an attractive, reinforced plastic body, but its secret can't be seen: it's magnetic. That allows it to align a 3,000 mAh battery pack to its back, allowing it to stay there unless it's forcibly dislodged. The battery pack charges the Note 8 through the same Qi wireless charging as a regular charging pad, so it's a little slower than the above battery case, which hooks into the phone's USB-C port, but it's so much more convenient to be able to remove the battery pack when it's depleted and still have a great case to protect your expensive new phone. At $99.95, the kit is the same price as the Juice Pack above, but it's more flexible since the same battery pack can be used with countless other Charge Station cases on other phones. If family members have the same case, the packs can be used interchangeably. Think of the possibilities! See at Amazon ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power Battery Case Alright, if you don't mind carrying around a brick in your pocket and never want to see another low battery warning again, you'll want to snag the ZeroLemon Ultra Power Battery Case. With a 10000mAh battery, this thing will keep your phone juiced up even through the busiest travel days. ZeroLemon states that this case will add over 200% extra battery life to your phone, meaning you can go the whole day without having to plug in your phone. It's also designed to be rugged against drops and features a rubberized material finish for a nice comfortable grip in hand. However, if you bought your Note 8 partially because you loved its slim profile, you probably won't like that this case makes your phone nearly an inch thick. Then again, a thin phone with no battery life is practically useless, right? Get this case for just $60 on Amazon. See at Amazon ZeroLemon 5500mAh SlimPower battery Case Sold on getting a ZeroLemon case but wish they offered something a little more slim? You should get the ZeroLemon SlimPower case! It's half the price of the bigger ZeroLemon case at just $30, but is still handy with enough juice to fully recharge your Note 8. It's also slightly slimmer than the other ZeroLemon case which is important if you're planning to use this on a daily basis. ZeroLemon has done what they can to ensure they don't add too much height to an already very tall phone, so looking at this phone head on it looks pretty nice. If you value design over pure battery power, this is the case to get. See at Amazon RUNSY 6500mAh Battery Case Looking for a compromise between all the other options on this list? Check out this RUNSY battery case for the Note 8. It's positioned between the two ZeroLemon cases with a 6500mAh battery, and yet features a slimmer design than even the slimmer ZeroLemon case. It's also a very well-reviewed case on Amazon which is nice to see from a manufacturer that we're not too familiar with. Priced at $50, it's not unreasonably expensive and a great all-around choice for any Note 8 owner. See at Amazon What do you think of these battery cases? Are battery cases functional enough for you to forgive the added bulk? Let us know in the comments below! Update, March 2018: We've added the Mophie Charge Force Case and Powerstation to the list because it's flexible and awesome! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy Note 8 review Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8+ Which Note 8 color is best? Complete Galaxy Note 8 specs Join our Galaxy Note 8 forums Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Best Buy

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