HTC U12+ leaked photo and hardware specs, 😮 face on the back

If the Galaxy S9 isn’t the Droid you’re looking for, an upcoming HTC flagship could prove to be a little more enticing. Once again, @evleaks is doing us the honors, posting images and specs of the HTC U12+ over at VentureBeat. The photo, which looks almost like a blurry render, comes after specs for the regular HTC U12 leaked out not too long ago. With limited cash flow, it’s possible HTC could have the U12+ to replace the U12 entirely. The phone looks nice enough (minus the surprised robot face on the back), carrying over HTC’s “Liquid Surface” design so many other OEMs seem to be imitating. Here are the hardware specs: HTC U12+ specs 6-inch WQHD+ LCD display Snapdragon 845 processor 16MP/12MP dual rear cameras 8MP front facing camera 64GB/128GB storage (with micro SD) 6GB RAM Edge Sense (pressure sensitive sides) 3,420mAh battery IP68 water/dust resistance Android Oreo According to sources, the HTC U12+ seems to have hit a few bumps in its development. An April launch was originally intended but has been pushed back to sometime in May. The HTC U12 looks great no doubt, but whether this phone will be the savior HTC so desperately needs remains to be seen.

date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 17:53:12 +0000