Best travel case for PlayStation 4

Here are some cases to help keep your PS4 safe as you travel. There are times where you absolutely have to hit the road with your PlayStation 4. Maybe you're headed to a friend's house for a weekend of gaming or maybe you're going to be doing some traveling for business and you would love to have your PS4 on hand in your hotel room. Whatever the reason for your travel, you are going to want to ensure that your consoles gets where it's going safely. One of the best ways to protect your PS4 is with a travel case. Let's take a look at some of the best travel cases available for the PlayStation. Best bang for your buck If you're looking for a case for your PS4 but you don't want to break the bank, then you can't do much better than this carrying case by CTA Digital. The modest exterior design of this bag is good for those who don't want advertise that they are hauling around a PS4. There is plenty of room inside to house your console, a couple of controllers, all the needed wires, and a handful of game discs. You can pick it up for a meager $25. See at Amazon More protection If you want a solution that offers a bit more protection and you're willing to throw down a few extra bucks then you're probably going to want a hard case. This Case by co2CREA offers comparable amount of storage as the previous entry with a much more durable exterior. Another bonus is the storage compartments which can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. You can get your hard case for about $40. See at Amazon For when you just need your controller There may be some times times where you're headed out to do some gaming and you don't need to bring your whole console. If the only thing you need is your controller and you want to make your dual shock doesn't take any shock then you might want to pick up this controller case from RDS industries. It's a well-made little case which does exactly what it sets out to do. Your controllers will be protected from any bumps or abrasions. If this sort of thing suits your needs, then it can be had for only $14. See at Amazon For some folks, traveling with a PlayStation on hand is a must. If you are one of those people, hopefully these cases will help you to get where you're going without your console taking any taking any damage. I wish you the safest of travels and the happiest of gaming sessions. Why are we reviewing PlayStation 4 games on Android Central? Let us explain. PlayStation 4 PS4 vs. PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro: Which should you buy? PlayStation VR Review Playing PS4 games through your phone is awesome Amazon

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