Instagram creepers will be exposed when they take screenshots

Instagram is testing a new feature which would notify users whenever someone takes a screenshot of one of their stories. It looks like Instagram will give you a warning the first time you take a screenshot, while the second time will prompt the warning for the user who posted it. This feature is yet another borrowed from Snapchat, whose roots as a self-destructing message app necessitated such measures. Instagram Stories were made based on that concept, so it stands to reason that they’d want to lift this particular feature, too. Instagram will expose the perps in the same list where you can see who viewed the story with a new icon to let you quickly determine who snapped some copies of your story. It’s not yet certain if this feature will make it to the masses, so if you don’t like it then it’s time to start throwing your feedback their way. via TechCrunch

date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 13:31:49 +0000