Zolo announces Model Zero radial speaker with Google Assistant

Anker's Zolo sub-brand has announced an interestingly designed speaker with Google Assistant. Anker is no stranger to audio products since it produces some of the best inexpensive earbuds out there. Its Zolo sub-brand is no stranger to experimental products either, with the company releasing its Liberty truly wireless earbuds late last year. That heritage continues with Zolo's latest announcement: the Model Zero speaker. Image courtesy of Zolo I'm not quite sure what the inspiration is for this design, but it makes me want to use the speaker as a kettlebell. The oval cutout should make the speaker easy to lug around the house, assuming it isn't too heavy, and a strip of buttons on the inside of the oval offers media controls. Besides that and the compatibility with Google Assistant, Zolo didn't share any other details about the Model Zero. The company is aiming for a fall 2018 release, so we should learn more by then. The Model Zero will be available in black and silver, black and bronze or white and gold color. What do you think of the Zolo Model Zero? Let us know down below! Qualcomm's Bluetooth SoC aims to make truly wireless headphones a whole lot better

source: https://www.androidcentral.com/zolo-announces-model-zero-radial-speaker-google-assistant
date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 19:48:52 +0000