What's new on Amazon Prime Video for February 2018

We've got a month of 2018 under our belts, and Amazon's got a new month of sweet offerings on Prime Video. Here's what's coming up in February 2018! Well, we made it. The first month of 2018 is nearly behind us. And so we'll be leaving behind 31 long days. Or short days, because it's still winter in half the world. Whatever. Amazon Prime Video has a bunch of new movies and Originals coming to all of your screens in February. Your TV. Your Fire TV. Your phone. Your Fire Tablet. Your Fire Phone. (OK, maybe I'm the only person who had one of those.) If you're a fan of open-wheel racing, GRAND PRIX Driver goes inside the secretive world of Formula 1 automobile racing. Which presumably is less secretive now that we're all going inside of it. And Season 4 of Mozart In the Jungle promises to bring us "new melodies that arise as Rodrigo and Hailey take their relationship public." So there's that. And the second half of the first season of the return of The Tick bites us! In any event, this is going to be a lot of fun. Amazon Prime Video has is one of the go-to destinations for on-demand content, thanks in no small part to devices like the $50 Amazon Fire Stick, the all-new $70 Amazon Fire TV, and even the $229 Amazon Echo Show. But hardware is the easy part. Buy it once, and then use the heck out of it. What's not quite so easy is keeping up with everything that's new on Amazon Prime Video — because new shows are always coming and going. So here's what's new in February 2018! Don't have Amazon Prime Video yet? Get a free 30-day trial! Coming February 1 American Idiots (2013) Black Spurs (1965) The Cutting Edge (1992) The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006) Daybreakers (2009) A Fish Called Wanda (1988) Gang Related (1997) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1967) The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009) Harsh Times (2006) The Haunting (1999) He Said, She Said (1991) Hoodlum (1997) Intersection (1994) Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006) Lulu on the Bridge (1998) Manhattan (1979) Manhunter (1986) Mermaids (1990) Mystic Pizza (1988) An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) Red Dawn (1984) Rollerball (2002) Rollerball (1975) Running Scared (1986) Rustlers' Rhapsody (1985) Sabrina (1995) Slow Burn (2000) Swimming with Sharks (1995) Terms of Endearment (1983) The Thaw (2009) Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (1999) The Warriors (1979) Coming February 2 Absentia (Prime Original, 2017) Coming February 4 My Dead Boyfriend (2016) Coming February 6 Danica (2017) Coming February 7 The Expanse (Season 2) Coming February 8 Mother's Day (2016) Coming February 9 GRAND PRIX Driver (Prime Original, Season 1) Coming February 10 Breathe (2017) No Stone Unturned (2017) Coming February 11 Good Time (2017) Run the Tide (2016) Coming February 13 Stinky & Dirty Valentine's Day Special (Prime Original) The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017) Coming February 14 National Lampoon Presents Cattle Call (2008) Star Trek (2009) Coming February 16 Mozart in the Jungle (Prime Original, Season 4) Human Flow (Amazon Original, 2017) Logan Lucky (2017) Coming February 18 Pocket Listing (2015) Thanks for Sharing (2013) Coming February 23 Thunderbirds are Go! (Prime Original, Season 4) Previously, on Amazon video ... Here's what was (or still is, depending on when you're reading this) new on Amazon Video in December: Coming January 1 All is Lost (2013) American Ninja (1985) Assassination (1987) Avenging Force (1986) Babel (2006) Baby Mama's Club (2010) Black Rain (1989) Brothers (2009) Burning Blue (2014) But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) Capote (2005) Coming Soon (1999) Cool World (1992) Cross Bronx (2004) Dangerous Curves (1989) Doctor Who (Season 10) Drop Dead Sexy (2006) Evolution (2001) Flawless (1999) Freedom Writers (2007) Hamlet (1990) Highway (2012) Horsemen (2009) Hustle & Flow (2005) Invaders from Mars (1986) Love and Death (1975) Love Story (1970) Murphy's Law (1986) Platoon Leader (1988) Pretty Bird (2008) Primitive (2011) Requiem for a Dream (2000) Reservoir Dogs (1992) Revenge of the Ninja (1983) Revolutionary Road (2008) Richard the Lionheart (2013) Show of Force (1990) Six Degrees of Separation (1993) Step Into Liquid (2003) Street Smart (1987) The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish (Amazon Original) The Perfect Weapon (1991) The Presidio (1988) The Wraith (1987) Thelma & Louise (1991) Uncommon Valor (1983) Words and Pictures (2013) Zodiac (2007) Coming January 5 The Devil's Double (2011) Coming January 6 Grimm (Season 6) Coming January 7 A Ghost Story (2017) Coming January 9 Prime Suspect: Tennison (Season 1) Coming January 12 Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (Amazon Original) Coming January 16 My Mother & Other Strangers Coming January 17 The Midwife (2017) Coming January 19 Just Add Magic (Amazon Original, Season 2) Wonderstruck (Amazon original, 2017) Coming January 30 Grantchester (Season 3) Remember Me Coming January 31 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage (2016) Updated Jan. 18, 2018: February's listings are here!!! Amazon Prime Video What's new on Amazon Prime Video Benefits of Amazon Prime Get a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial Share Prime with friends and family Best movies to stream on Prime Video Shop smart with Amazon coupons

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