Latest Allo update makes way for multi-account support

Google’s Allo messenger app may not have started out very popular, but it’s slowly becoming a very good app. Allo continues to get new features like a web app and a blob emoji sticker pack. Back in early December, an APK teardown revealed that Google was making way for multi-account support. It looks like that feature is nearly ready for primetime. The last teardown was from version 24. We’re now up to version 26 and multi-account references are still popping up. A new string mentions “default sender id.” This would allow users to have multiple Allo accounts and choose one as the default. So when you start a new conversation it will default to that account. Version 26 also includes a “BREAKING NEWS” photo filter and a better way to use Google Assistant in conversations. There’s mention of choosing if you want to share results in chat. Right now, Google Assistant results always show up in the chat. That can be kinda messy for the conversation. This would make it a lot more useful for everyone in the chat. We don’t know when we’ll officially see these features, but it seems like Google is getting close to unleashing them. [via android police]

date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 14:15:48 +0000