Google tests ‘My subscriptions’ option inside the Play Store’s nav menu

Google Play’s in-app subscriptions have been around for years now but even with special introductory pricing and free trials, they’ve always been a tough sell. Don’t get me wrong, app subscriptions are great, especially for developers looking to make a living off their apps/games. But one of the biggest hurdles users have get over is the feeling that they’ll forget which apps they’re even subscribed to in the first place. For those unaware, the Google Play Store does add a tab in the My apps & games page specifically for your subscriptions, but you need to subscribe to something first. The simple fact of not knowing there’s a place for them could keep some users from buying and that’s not exactly good for business. It seems Google is toying around with a better place for subscriptions, placing them just underneath the My apps & games section in the Play Store’s pull out menu. Even if you aren’t subscribed to anything, you’ll still see My subscriptions and it lets you know ahead of time — in the event you’re considering subscribing to an app or service — that this is where they’ll be found should you decide you later want to cancel. Now we don’t know for certain if this will make its way to the app. It doesn’t appear for everyone just yet so it could be nothing more than a server side test. I, personally, think it’s a great idea and would love to see this hit my version of the Play Store. I’ve always had this irrational feeling that I’m subscribed to something but forgot. This isn’t a huge deal, but would eliminate a step for me to check (especially if they add a shortcut from the Play Store icon). Make it happen, Google! via Android Police

date: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 00:42:34 +0000