Google Maps has returned to China after eight years

A Google Maps website made for China is now live. A Google Maps app is also available to download for iPhones in China. Most of Google’s services not been available in China since 2010. Google is making a major return to China, as a version of its Google Maps service is now available for users in that country. Google Maps, along with most of Google’s other popular services, have not been available in the major market of China since 2010. Nikkei was the first to report on Google Maps’ return to China. In addition to the China version of the Google Maps site, the company has also launched a map app for iPhones in that country as well. However, it’s not all good news, as the reports says that users who try to access the app’s navigation features are automatically moved to another mapping app. That one is created by AutoNavi, which is operated by China-based Alibaba Group Holding. The article speculates that this change in Google’s strategy in China is part of a desire by both the company and the Chinese government to work together on AI-based services. The government in particular wants to help develop self-driving cars, and working with Google’s mapping and AI teams may help accelerate that development. However, other major parts of Google’s company are still not available in China, such as Google Search and YouTube. China highly censors internet content in the country, and Google has not been willing to abide by China’s laws.

date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 19:38:38 +0000