Google is giving away a free pen loop to Pixelbook owners

It's a pretty simple solution, but it's better than nothing. In addition to the Pixelbook itself, Google also released the Pixelbook Pen alongside it. The Pixelbook Pen is a $100 stylus that allows you to doodle on the Pixelbook and easily call upon the Google Assistant, and while its price might be tough to swallow, it's a really fun accessory if you've got the cash to cover it. However, as great as the Pixelbook Pen is, one thing I always thought was a bit odd is that there's no way to store the Pen inside the Pixelbook like you can with the Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus. I'm crossing my fingers that this is something we see with the Pixelbook 2, but until then, Google is giving current Pixelbook owners a free loop for their Pen. The loop attaches to the side of the Pixelbook's base using an adhesive, and once you stick it on, that's about all there is to it. You can slide the Pen in and out of it as you wish, and you can still use the Pixelbook in any of its four modes. If you have a Pixelbook now, you can fill out your information through Google's promotion page to have your loop send to you free of charge. Also, while it's not explicitly mentioned, my guess is that Google will start including these by default with future Pixelbook purchases. Deal: Buy a Pixelbook, get the Pen for free ($99 value) Chromebooks The best Chromebooks Should you buy a Chromebook? Google Play is coming to Chromebooks Acer Chromebook 14 review Join our Chromebook forums

date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 21:43:10 +0000