DJI and Ryze team up to produce a $99 drone that doesn't suck

DJI and Ryze have teamed up to produce the Tello, a capable low price drone. Drones are a lot of fun if you know how to fly them correctly, but they're not cheap: drone maker DJI's least expensive model is the Spark, priced at $499. That's inexpensive compared to other drones, but not reachable for most people. That changes today with the announcement of the Tello. The Tello is actually built by a Chinese company called Ryze, but will be sold through DJI's storefront. The biggest draw of the Ryze will be its price: it will be sold for only $99. For that price, you get 13 minutes of flight time — only slightly shorter than the 16 minutes of flight on the Spark — a 720P camera, and collision detection to keep the drone in one piece. There's also VR headset compatibility, which sounds like it will be either fun or completely terrifying depending on the operator. The Tello will be available in yellow, white and blue. There's no word on availability, but you can register for email updates on DJI's site. Are you interested in picking up the Tello? Let us know down below!

date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 22:21:16 +0000