This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Is The Last You'll Ever Need To Buy

Never deal with a gross and stinky water bottle again! You know those times when you misplace your water bottle for a few days, and then when you find it and open it up it smells like death? That gross smell is caused by germs and bacteria that just thrive in stagnant water. Not only is it yucky, it's also very unhealthy and could be a breeding ground for e.coli, Salmonella or worse. Nasty stuff. But with everyone switching over to reusable water bottles, it can be a real hassle keeping yours clean. The QUARTZ Water Bottle wants to permanently eliminate that issue with its built-in water purification system that uses UV-C light to purify your water so that every sip you take is fresh and clean. This 18oz water bottle is double-insulated and powered by a long-lasting battery that's rechargeable via USB. When you fill your bottle, simply press the button on the lid and the UV-C light will purify your water in 60 seconds — and it also automatically cleans itself every 4 hours so even if you don't touch your water bottle for a full day you'll know the water is safe to drink every time. The QUARTZ Water Bottle absolutely crushed its Kickstarter goal, surpassing $1 million, but there's still a few days left to back this project and get your own self-cleaning water bottle at a discounted price. The QUARTZ will retail for $99 but you can save some money and help the environment by backing with a pledge today. You can get your very own with a pledge of $59, or pledge $118 or more to get two bottles. As with all these Kickstarter campaigns, the more you spend the better the deal. Interested in going to CES? For $229 you can get four QUARTZ bottles along with two travel sleeves and two tickets to CES in Las Vegas — that's a $200 value alone! This is the first Kickstarter campaign for the team behind the QUARTZ, but they sure seem to have a hit on their hands having surpassed their fundraising goal 35 times over. The QUARTZ is available in your choice of five colors and is expected to start shipping out to backers in March 2018. If you're done with plastic water bottles but also hate having to clean the stink out of your reusable water bottle every other day, the QUARTZ is the water bottle you've been waiting for! See Quartz Self-Cleaning Water Bottle on Kickstarter

date: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 16:00:02 +0000