Russell's Favorite Tech of 2017

Russell's Favorite Tech The way I use a lot of my tech changed quite a bit this year. I'm working out a lot more than I used to, my priorities shifted from being hyper portable to being as capable as possible, and of course I've been playing with a whole lot of VR and AR. Those changes meant altering a lot of my routines as well as a lot of my day-to-day tech. It's fun to look back over the year and see how those changes impacted how I interact with my world, and so I wanted to share all of the things I enjoy using the most with you. Samsung Galaxy S8 As fond as I am of Google's new Pixels, 2017 is the year Samsung did a lot of things right with the Galaxy line. The standard Galaxy S8 offered me enough battery life to be enjoyable in every situation, and the new display setup is still downright futuristic. The cameras are excellent, and it now supports both Google Daydream and Samsung's Gear VR. This would up being the phone I used the most this year, which is a first for me. $649 Buy now Aftershokz Trekz Titanium I prefer to be able to hear the world around me when I'm running, so these "headphones" are what I use to help with that. Even when not working out, these are great to use in the kitchen or working around the house. $125 Buy Now Daydream View (2017) Google has nailed every part of the comfortable, portable VR experience with this latest update. On top of being extremely comfortable and easy to stow in a bag, the headset now has a passive heat sink to keep any phone running smoothly. if I'm not at home, this is the headset I reach for. $99 Buy Now Chromecast Ultra Chromecast support is basically everywhere now, so I just started carrying a Chromecast in my bag for when I travel. When I'm at home though, the 4K-ready Chromecast Ultra is what I use for the best quality streams. $70 Buy Now Mod-1 Headphones When I want to lose myself in sound, I grab these headphones. They can be wired or wireless, have a battery that gets me through a full work day, and collapse down for easy travel when need be. They also sound way better than any other headphones in this price range, which is nice. $99 Buy Now HTC Vive Of all the VR experiences to exist today, HTC Vive is still my favorite. Being able to use an entire room for VR out of the box is incredible, and the games available today are more fun than I've had in years. $599 Buy Now Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro When I started going to the gym every day, it became important to track my activity. I wanted something not quite as big as a smartwatch but able to handle sweat and the occasional bump. This fits those requirements perfectly. $199 Buy Now Razer Blade (2017) Apple wasn't going to release a VR-ready laptop anytime soon, so I moved back to Windows. Razer's laptops look nice, feel plenty durable, and come with all sorts of gaming power. It's by far my favorite laptop of this past year. $2099 Buy now iPad Pro 10.5" Yep, I use an iPad. Not the cheaper model, either. There are no Android tablets that can do what the iPAd PRo can do. The speakers are insanely good, there are actual tablet apps I can use, and the battery on this thing will go for days. $649 Buy Now

date: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 13:00:01 +0000