New Samsung patent appears to show fully curved screen edges

Samsung’s curved edge displays have been somewhat contentious among Android enthusiasts, though they continue to sell well to the general public. The Galaxy S6 Edge made these curved displays popular and now two generations later, you can’t find a flagship Samsung device with a flat screen. Now it looks like Samsung is taking its curved screen one step further with new patents that were recently uncovered by LetsGoDigital. Found in the World International Property Office database, these patents appear to showcase a device that has a curved display on both sides that appears to wrap around the entire device instead of stopping halfway through the curve. This is something we’ve never seen done before on smartphones, though I’m not sure I buy Samsung’s “better grip experience” with a fully curved display. I can’t even imagine what happens when you drop the device. What do you think? [source: LetsGoDigital | via: XDA]

date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:58:37 +0000