Hoopla’s latest update lets you read Marvel comics from your public library

It’s rare for me to see a movie on its first day of release, but I’m willing to make an exception for Black Panther. The problem is I know very little about the character and the world, so knowing that Hoopla teamed up with Marvel to offer over 250 Marvel comic books and graphic novels makes me pretty happy. I quickly downloaded the app, only to realize that Hoopla is not supported in my neck of the woods. Even though Hoopla works with over 1,600 public libraries around the US, none of those libraries are in New York City. Tears, I shed. If you happen to live in a city that has libraries that work with Hoopla, however, today is a good day for you. With the Marvel partnership, you will be able to read titles like Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Civil War (which I recommend with some reservations), and X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, the latter of which is being turned into a movie. Editor's Pick10 best comic book apps for Android Comic books have been around for a long time. It's responsible for some of the most magical and amazing stories told in the last century. Everybody knows who Superman and Spider-Man are. The movies have … If Marvel is not your thing, worry not — Hoopla also offers digital access to DC, Image, and IDW titles, as well as movies, music, ebooks, and TV shows. As it relates to comic books, Hoopla features 13,000 comics, all of which can be read either page-by-page or panel-by-panel. All of them are free to read, so long as you have a public library membership. Another thing to keep in mind is the lending limits — some libraries limit you to 10 titles each month, while others limit you to five titles. Finally, apart from being available for Android and iOS, the Hoopla app is also available for Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV, with support for Roku TV coming sometime soon. Regardless of the platform, Hoopla is a free download, and we’ve provided a link below in case you want to give it a spin. Get Hoopla

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/hoopla-marvel-public-library-821622/
date: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 19:11:05 +0000