Google recognizes winners of Developer Challenge for Assistant apps

Google Even though many people just use their Google Home or Google Assistant to turn on the lights or find out when it is going to rain next, it can do so much more. For instance, my daughter loves Mickey Mouse. One of Google’s recent upgrades brought 50 new activities to Google Home and Mickey Mouse Adventures is one of them. The game is 100% voice-based and takes place entirely on Google Home. In effort an to expand the number of apps that work with Google Assistant and Google Home, Google launched a Developer Challenge. Now, it’s announcing the winners. Coming in first is 100 Years Ago– an app that allows you to travel back in time and listen to an interactive radio show from 1917. With 100 Years Ago, you can catch up on breaking news and hit songs from a decade ago. See alsoBecome Santa’s helper by calling him on your Google Home Santa is almost done making the gift list for this holiday season, but he needs your help with a few things. Call him to find out what! Last holiday season, Google Assistant kept you up to … Coming in second place is Credit Card Helper. Credit Card Helper analyzes card features, customer reviews, and reads the fine print associated with credit cards. It also checks out what Consumer Reports has to say so that you can find the best credit card offers and chose the best option for you. Planet Quiz came in third place. The app allows you to learn about the solar system in a fun and educational game. There were also winners in other categories. Here’s the full list: Best app by students: Chess Mate, Magic Actions, My Adventure Book, QuizLingo, and TRT World Quiz Best easter egg: 100 Years Ago Most fun distraction: Riddle World Best sound effects: 100 Years Ago Best persona: Chat with Sigmund, Planet Quiz, TRT World Quiz Crowd favorite: Baby steps Best voice only interaction: Vent it Out Best parenting app: Sleep Sounds Most adaptive app: Chat with Sigmund Best life hack: Credit Card Helper Best Dialogflow app: Credit Card helper Best app: Bitcoin Prices Best DashBot powered app: Credit Card Helper As you can see, a couple of the apps like 100 Years Ago and Credit Card Helper were real standouts. If you want to check the apps for yourself, just query Google Home or Assistant and say “Talk to…” with the name of the app. We’ve found some apps like Bitcoin Prices are having a little bit of a problem right now, probably due to the recent surge of popularity.

date: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 21:43:27 +0000