Chrome Remote Desktop moves to the web browser and gets a facelift

We’ve all been in the situation where we’re trying to give tech support to a friend or family member over the phone. Whether it is a tablet, phone, or a computer, it’s always harder to explain a fix, rather than just do it yourself. There are tools out there like TeamViewer that let you remote into a friend’s computer and take control. Another option you might have heard of is Chrome Remote Desktop. It has the same basic functions as TeamViewer and has been a popular option among Chromebook and Windows PC users. Editor's PickObservations on Chrome OS, Android apps, and Google’s ecosystem It's been well over a year since Google officially announced that Android apps were coming to Chromebooks. A number of models have shipped with the new software, but many are still waiting, and may be … As a part of Google’s effort to kill off Chrome Web Store apps, Google is moving Chrome Remote Desktop to the web. You can now access it through a browser instead of loading up the app on your computer. You’ll still need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host onto the computer you want to access, but that’s pretty standard for any remote desktop app. Once you’ve installed it, you can head to the website, log in, and remote into the computer.  The browser-based tool has also gotten a facelift. Not everyone loves it, but at least Google is working on it, I suppose. The web version is still in Beta and Google is looking for feedback. We’d expect that once it exits beta, Google is going to kill off the Chrome app. You can hit the link below to check it out.  check out Chrome Remote Desktop Do you use a remote desktop application? Which one do you use? Let us know down in the comments. 

date: Sat, 09 Dec 2017 06:34:44 +0000